A Beautiful Me

Being an optimistic individual, I love hearing the buzz of people setting healthy goals or resolutions for themselves in the New Year. People often start a cleanse in January to eliminate all the holiday treats that are hanging around their waistlines or thighs. They may grab a work out buddy and start a new gym or health program. But, what about the non-physical bodies that we carry around? In addition to improving the physical body, it is important to shed the previous year’s emotional junk or mental baggage.  This will allow you to truly set the positive intentions and program your thinking for a healthier you. Last week, I cleansed a group of individuals in recovery with North American white sage of the past and filled them full of love, light and blessings. You could feel the pleasant release and uplifting hope surrounding them.

It was just beautiful!

Last year, I launched the New Year, New You program and my clients reached their personal goals and started healthier lifestyles. This year, I wanted to start by modeling what to do instead of just guiding. I personally learn best when shown how to do something first. In nursing school, I remember a physician saying, “You watch one, you do one, you teach one and you know one.” I am here to empower you to know health the way I do and feel the best you can feel. There are so many little secrets that you can help you live and thrive in this stressful world and help you see the beauty of life.

I feel the best when I feel beautiful. So I thought, let’s put the focus and the emphasis on ME and I believe the shift will help you OWN your new You. I remember a weight management coach teaching that many times overweight individuals have a hard time feeling themselves in their new healthy bodies. So they feel more comfortable reverting back to their old selves and in turn putting themselves at a health risk once again. I want you to feel yourself through every step of the way. The real YOU. The perfect you IS the real you! The slumps, the accomplishments, the plateaus, the discoveries and the joys of breathing easier with clear skin and a happy aura. It’s all yours! The beauty is yours!

What makes you feel beautiful? Is it a new hairstyle or a compliment from a certain admirer? Different experiences and circumstances make me feel beautiful. Currently, I feel the most beautiful when I feel full of love. I also feel beautiful when my clothes fit correctly and I have the energy I need to keep up with my little ones. I feel really beautiful when I’m able to help a friend, family member and/or client with a health concern or something they need. When I can help another feel beautiful and loved, that is the moment when I feel the most beautiful.

Now, it’s your turn. Write a list of what makes you feel beautiful. It may solely be appearance related at this time in your life and that is okay. Or maybe you think your outer beauty is fading but you know the light within you doesn’t have to. When you shine your light, your whole self glows with beauty. Some of the most beautiful people in the world are not the most symmetrically aesthetic but the most kind and compassionate beings.

Join me on this journey of beautifying yourself from the inside out or the outside in. Post pics and/or write your tips, questions or concerns on my Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts. Let’s ride the waves of life together. Things are usually easier when you have a support system so let’s support each other. Feeling great is contagious so you may pick up a few interested people along the way. Invite them to join us and lets’s make America Beautiful and Healthy Again in 2017! 😉

Love and light,

Velvet Star

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