About Velvet

I gVelvet Chong, RN, HTPraduated from Florida State University with a B.S. in Exercise Science and Nutrition. I became an advanced personal trainer and student strength and conditioning coach for the FSU football and basketball teams. After moving to South Florida, I graduated from nursing school as a Registered Nurse.  After working in Interventional Pain Management and Oncology for a few years, I worked at a holistic research institute that helped people restore harmony in their bodies and live healthier lifestyles.  I graduated from the Healing Touch Program, an accredited leader in energy medicine, and I became a Healing Touch Practitioner. Over the years, I have successfully assisted many clients with issues in weight management, chronic illness, pain, cancer, anxiety, depression, prenatal women, hormonal imbalances, brain injuries, and many other conditions. I have attended many conferences and workshops, gaining more knowledge about therapies and healing philosophies from around the world.  Now, I understand the true value of CONSCIOUS LIVING!

My personal healing philosophy has been developed over the years through my experiences and knowledge of worldwide views of healing. I have studied Ayurvedic healing, Naturopathy, Whole Food healing and Energy Medicine, including Homeopathy, Quantum Touch, Essential Oil Aromatherapy and Qi Gong. I believe that all healing is self-healing, and we were all born with the same innate ability to heal ourselves and others. Working in conventional medicine for years has opened my eyes to the areas in which they are lacking. In nursing school, we were taught about each body system separately, as if they were not connected internally. They barely touched on the possible emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of dis-ease. The dis-connect from our bodies and our own intuition is what I believe helps manifest our own dis-ease processes.  I believe we were put here to learn the lesson of re-connecting and becoming aware again.

Henry Ford stated, “Whether you believe you can–or you can’t, you are right.”

Many thanks and blessings to my teachers on this journey: Rev. Cathy Kelly, Rev. Robin Garfield, Barry, Will May, Brian, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Doreen Virtue, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Sondra Ray, Dr. Brian Weiss, Barbara Brennan, Lynne McTaggart, Dr. Donald Monus, Dr. Samantha Monus, Cynthia Hutchison, Barbara Starke, Aleida Drozdowicz, Ilene Gotlieb, Rosalyn Bruyere, Lee Carroll, Gary Zukav, Dr. Andrew Weil, Dr. Hernando Chong, Kevin Trudeau, Dr. Hulda Clarke, David Sandoval, and, last but not least, my parents!