Superfood Granola

Superfood Granola


2 cups of Oats

1 cup of Rice Bran Solubles (

1/4 cup of Coconut Oil

1/2 cup of Sunbutter (or Faux Peanut Butter)

1/4 cup of honey

1/4 cup of Cacao powder or carob chips

1/4 cup of Chia seeds

1/2 cup of Coconut Flakes


Mix all ingredients and press into a glass pan. Refrigerate for 1 hour, cut and store until ready to eat!


Faux Peanut Butter Recipe

Faux Peanut Butter


6 Tbsp. Activated Barley (

4 Tbsp. Rice Bran Solubles (

4 Tbsp. Organic Tropic Oil (

2 Tbsp. honey

Salt (to taste)


Mix Tropic Oil with Activated Barley, Rice Bran Solubles and honey. Add salt to taste. Spread one spoonful of Faux Peanut Butter onto celery stalks.

Hints: Melt Tropic Oil by submerging container in warm water until very soft or liquid.

Processed Foods

Why, oh why do we think our families need something from a bright colored bag or box? We can thank those super smart marketing teams for all those billion dollar companies that could care less about our health. We have strayed far from nature by roaming down those middle aisles at the grocery stores and loading our carts with all these containers that we feel good about recycling. What if we slowly break those habits and condition ourselves to eat REAL food again? Many ask why I feel so strongly about this and some even joke that I neglect Izzy from what they consider real food. Trust me, she’s not perfect (nor is anyone) and we do buy a few of these things that I know I could make myself, such as granola bars. However, here are a few reasons that stick in my head that may shift your thinking. First, cultures from around the world that have never had processed foods and have never used a toothbrush or toothpaste actually have super strong, straight and white teeth. Your mouth is actually linked to the rest of your body and if you gums are diseased, your heart may be compromised. Google Weston Price and find out more from this dentist who was on a mission to find out why his son died from tooth decay. Think about a hard apple or carrot and how it rubs against your enamel when you chew it. Then, consider a squeezy yogurt pack and how it is just mushy sugar and dairy sitting in your mouth. It only takes 12 hours for decay to start and we don’t see it right away. Kids, especially little ones, are not the best toothbrushers and I remember in nursing school when they had us brush another’s teeth and have the same done to us (we had to do all kinds of things to gain perspective on how patients that cannot do for themselves felt and to not forget those feelings of helplessness). It’s just not as effective and makes you feel a little silly. Secondly, sure you can process your own foods in your food processor, but don’t you take the time to inspect the blueberries or tomatoes and toss the moldy ones? A giant factory does not have machinery that can detect these and they just throw them all in. The industry standards allow all sorts of things to slip by, like an occasional bug or chemical (even under organic labeling). I know, we won’t die from eating a bug or two, but it is more about the energy involved in the PROCESS. You are making these things with love for your family and care for their overall health and well-being. Even if you are super busy working and can only prepare so many things from scratch, those little things count and your family will remember them down the road. There are so many more points, but I’m going to keep this short so I don’t go overboard on one post, but lastly, GMOs. The current numbers are up to 75% of processed foods containing GMO ingredients. These Genetically Modified Organisms are not from nature and are made in a lab by injecting genes from another species into a plant or animal. In 1996, only a few soybeans were GMO in America, now nearly 100% are and if you check the labels, soy is hidden in nearly everything. I almost grabbed a healthy looking granola mix the other day and soy oil was added for no reason at all (make it at home and you’ll see that it is unnecessary). I can’t even begin on the huge takeover the industry has on baby formula (YES, our future generations!). It pains me to see that the only non-GMO choices are organic and not cost-effective for many families. Health has declined in many areas since the introduction of GMOs and since there are so many other factors with health, you can’t just point the finger at it (and, this is why they are getting away with adding it to our food supply). China just rejected millions of tons of our GMO foods and many other countries have burned their GMO fields and banned them from consumption. More on GMOs later, as this discussion could go on for quite awhile, as I feel very strongly about it and have a ton to say.

So, go back to nature, grab a banana, an apple, a cucumber or whatever fruit or veggie you like and chow down on them as snacks like our great great ancestors did before processing was invented. If you have the space and time, grow your own. You’ll be surprised what your family will eat and how their appreciation for food will shift when they see food growing with your love and healing energy. Also, if canned is your only option, fine, but if you have the choice to buy a real mandarin, take a moment to notice the beautiful spray that emits from it when you open it. This is what I believe we have not discovered yet! Sure, it contains Vitamin C and other nutrients, but what is this magical essence that is only found from a real, live piece of food?

The Velvet Lotus


The Velvet Lotus


The Velvet Lotus


The Velvet Lotus


Creative Mama

I used to love to paint and scrapbook and other creative things that are relaxing and require time, which is sometimes hard to find as a new mama. I remember looking at all of my art supplies in the garage and thinking it would be a long time before I’d see them again. I didn’t even consider that my creativity could be expressed in a different and productive way that would help keep my family healthy, while saving money and finding enjoyment in something that was once just a task to get done (or avoid).

All mamas have a special creativity that takes form while that little being is developing. I feel that it is important to really connect with it and see where it takes you. Mine took me down a culinary road not yet traveled. I had a powerful drive to avoid eating out at restaurants and eliminating bad habits that I didn’t want to pass down to our little one (like my secret dark chocolate addiction that I’m happy to say is well under control now). I also know that healthy food can taste really good so I was determined to transform my husband’s diet, as well, without sacrificing flavor. I watched lots of cooking shows with my sister-in-law while we nursed our little ones those first few months. She is my culinary inspiration! I took mental notes of where I could use healthier substitutes and now I just shop and create! I actually amaze myself almost daily by just connecting with the food and trying new spices, new colors and new textures. My husband and toddler have been very happy and healthy with my new found creative outlet.

Happy Family = Happy Life!

So, connect with your internal creative mama! I know she is in there. Maybe your little one is reminding you of your rhythm and you want to get back out on the dance floor. Dancing is great for mind/body connection and a fun way to shed that mama weight, as well. Or maybe you are bored with cooking and want to get creative in the art or music departments. If you are having problems connecting, you can use chamomile, orange or rosemary essential oils to liven up your throat chakra (where your creativity lies). Or fall asleep with an aquamarine or blue opal on your throat and set the intention to connect. I also carry a Sodalite window pendant in my store under ZeroPoint Global products that you can wear daily for an extra creative boost.

Peace and Love to you all!