Teeth, teeth and more teeeeeth!

We all have them and we all had to go through the agony of feeling those sharp little bones pierce through those new gums. Lucky for us, we don’t remember going through it. I’ve learned a lot during this last year when she cut her first tooth and now has almost all her teeth. There are so many remedies, natural and pharmaceutical. Do what works for you and your family. I know I love heat for healing, but my daughter loves the icy cold (that’s her Daddy’s blood). Try different things and do not give up because they may get bored as they grow up of certain teethers. It is a good idea to try anything yourself before giving it to them. Most importantly, stay calm, breathe and soothe them with your warm, loving energy.

Here’s what worked for us:

  • Raw baltic amber necklace: I tested it several times. She drools excessively when not wearing it.**
  • Frozen teethers
  • Coconut water ice cubes in the mesh teether or crush them in a cup
  • Green onions (A grandma recently told me this secret at a music class. I was shocked to see her gnaw away at the green ends.)
  • Clove oil
  • Citrus Silk (Essential oil and aloe blend with embedded healing frequencies.)**citrus_silk_velvet_lotus

**You can find the amber necklaces in my online store (www.thevelvetlotus.com) under The Velvet Lotus products and the Citrus Silk under ZeroPoint Global products.

A Mother’s Intuition

Everyone has intuition, but many of us tend to ignore it because our family, neighbor, TV anchorman, or magazine said to do otherwise. How could we really be right? “They” did a research study and it must be true or “they” had 9 children and know exactly how to do it all. Information or misinformation is constantly flowing to us from all directions. As a mother, I’ve learned to listen to my intuition more than ever before. My husband and I really “tuned” into our little one and adapted to her as much as we could. I still researched books and studies and asked family and friends for input on challenges we faced, but overall we did what felt right for us at that time.

Occasionally, that meant going against the grain. And, by grain, I mean, rice. Rice cereal, that is. Yes, I know. It is the standard, the staple, the grain that sustains. Or does it? What felt right to me was to just feed her fruits and vegetables as her first foods. We eat grains, but something was telling me she wasn’t ready for them yet. One day, I finally found the article by Donna Gates backing up my gut feeling (http://bodyecology.com/articles/the-american-academy-of-pediatricians-recommends-iron-fortified-foods-for-babies-is-it-really-safe#.UmXyXj8SE9Y)**. In the article it states, “In spite of popular recommendations, iron-fortified grains and cereal can do more harm than good.” They can irritate the intestinal lining and promote the growth of unhealthy bacteria. And, since modern science is now revealing that your colon is your second brain and immunity, I wanted to make sure Isabella was getting a healthy internal foundation.

Here is a little exercise to enhance your own intuition so you can trust yourself to go against the grain when it feels right to do so:

Find a quiet spot in nature or a relaxing area inside. Meditate with an amethyst or sodalite over your third eye (between your eye brows). When you inhale, visualize clear, pure light entering your body and when you exhale see any cloudy, cluttered energy exiting out of your feet. Set the intention to open your third eye wide and to listen to your inner self. Stay in this moment for a few minutes and just be. Remember that it is important to trust in yourself that you have the answers. Practice daily for optimum results.

**You can sprinkle spirulina in homemade pouches, purees, or smoothies  for a natural boost of iron. I carry the powdered mix and capsules that we use in my online store.

Peace, love, good night!

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Let Food Be Thy Medicine

“Let Food Be Thy Medicine” – Hippocrates

This ancient Greek physician knew thousands of years ago what science is proving today. Real food, such as fresh produce and herbs, can do such amazing things as stopping the growth of cancer cells. There are so many benefits and no side effects (unless with an allergy, of course) that it is crucial to build this healthy foundation for our children. And, since kids tend to mimic instead of listen to, we, as a family have adapted a healthier lifestyle. Win-Win!
To make things easy and affordable, I buy my organic produce from one of two co-ops. Annie’s Buying Club has many different bag choices all over Florida and Healthy World Organics has an unique delivery option in South Florida. If you cannot find a local co-op or farmer’s market, try to steer clear of the middle of the grocery store. You can grab rice, beans, spices, and quinoa at Vitacost.com for great prices and free shipping. This should also simplify life and shorten your visits to the store. Plus, you won’t have to waste time reading labels and trying to find hidden toxins under new names if you just stick to real food. Organic is important for everyone, but especially young ones. It is difficult for them to handle the harsh chemicals used on the produce. Those giant plump conventional strawberries that are labeled, “premium” are sprayed with 36 toxins and are picked by farmers in protective gear. Check out the Dirty Dozen and Clean 15 lists to see which items are sprayed with the most and least amount of toxins (http://www.organic.org/articles/showarticle/article-214). Although corn and papaya are on the Clean 15 lists, they are usually GMO and should be avoided since there is no evidence of being safe for human consumption. I will discuss GMOs further on another blog post so keep following.


Pura Vida Mama

Pura Vida = Pure Life

Why is a Pure Life so important?

Chemicals, negative energy, polluted air, and dirty water are hazardous to our health. When we absorb too much of any of those toxins, our body starts to function poorly. Headaches, low energy, discomfort, or poor sleep set in first. Over time, disease or long-term conditions may develop, which may be difficult to reverse.

How can we avoid toxins?

As a new mother and a health promoting nurse, I will share with you the simple and easy ways to live a pure life. I have discovered delicious and nutrient dense recipes for kids (and adults). I can also teach you how to understand labels so you know what your family is really consuming. Plus, I have simple ways to stay in shape while cooking, cleaning, and watching your kids. Finally, I have many techniques for stress reduction and emotional management.

This Pura Vida Mama is part of the Million Mom Movement (http://www.phporder.com/MillionMomMovement.aspx?ID=thevelvetlotus) which is a mission by Purium Health Products to find 1,000 women in 100 communities to help 10 families eat cleaner and greener. Please join me in this movement by sharing my blog with other families.


Pura Vida Mama



Pura Vida

I remember hearing “Pura Vida” for the first time in Costa Rica and loving how it felt! It was such a warm welcoming from the locals on the Pacific Coast when we arrived to Manuel Antonio. In English, this phrase translates to “Pure Life,” and at the time, I only understood the words. Years later, I am really understanding the true meaning and essence of the words.

This morning, I experienced a beautiful black and yellow butterfly gliding around the orchid tree on our lake. I remembered my roommate from this past weekend (I was graduating in Illinois from my energy medicine program) saying that to her, butterflies have always meant “transformation.” I have been seeing so many in so many different places lately and believe in “signs” from above. I have been slowly eliminating toxins from my life, one by one, year after year. By now, I can say that I live a pretty pure life, but we all can always do more :)   Gazing at the butterfly, I realized how easy its life is when it just glides along with Earth’s winds; not resisting, not holding back. The energy around it was so beautiful and then, suddenly, another appeared. I believe its positive energy and joy it was expressing attracted the other one to join it. With pure thoughts and substances, I know we can do the same. When we fill our hearts with love and experience life to its fullest, our lights from within shine brighter than any star. Whether you can see it or not, this attracts others around you to do the same. In this way, I believe we can heal ourselves and the world.

Today you can start a new day and purify your life in a simple way if you choose. You can smile more if you are in a negative environment at work. You can stop and smell the fresh air or flowers or stare at the miracles of nature around you. You can skip the bacon on your egg sandwich and/or the cheese. It is your choice. One step at a time. One day at a time. You can choose your limits or your lack thereof along the way. It is your life and your journey, so choose your days wisely. Your goal does not have to be to eat the cleanest, live the longest, or look the best. But, if you try to eliminate things in your life that slow you down and rob you of your energy, you may just find that life IS greener on your side of the fence, after all.