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I am often guided to teach my clients to “Just Be” after a healing session as part of their growth work. Many of my clients, however, are single and/or retired so the practice is most likely attainable for them. But, what about people with families? Moms and dads who work and think of “Just Be” as “Just Be Quiet for a Second!” or “Just Be Still for a Second!” when they are trying to “Just Be” within the hustle of family sounds and chaos. I must say that after a Mom’s Night Out, a refreshing outing that definitely needs to happen more often, it was much easier to “Just Be” the next day. I was beginning to get so frustrated with her 2 year old behaviorisms and the long bedtime routine that we found ourselves locked into (I won’t get into how that happened, as there once was a time that my daughter would put herself to sleep easily). However, that night after reading her favorite bedtime story a few times and saying our prayers of gratitude, I began to silently meditate as I inched away from her bed. I felt so peaceful as I left her room and was rejuvenated for the next day.
I realized that I have tried to squeeze in this precious time into our busy lives instead of doing what I recommend to my clients: scheduling this time daily as a practice or routine so it is part of life. What a great example to lead for your children! Stress is the #1 cause of dis-ease and aging. Why not set them up for a life of ease amongst all the outside chaos? Just as exercise and eating meals are part of your daily routine, set aside five minutes to start where you just sit in silence. I’ve noticed if I just sit and do it, she will follow. Sometimes she will climb all over me while I’m “Just Be”ing, but with practice you can focus on your breath and visualize a peaceful scene. If you feel thoughts arising, see them float by on a river and tell yourself that you can address them later. This works better than trying to block them out. Children, especially, feel the energy around us all and when you relax, they will follow. She loves when I describe a beautiful tree grounded into the Earth, collecting the energy and feeling the warmth of the sun on its branches. You can get as detailed as you want. It is her top requested story at the moment.
If you truly cannot do it with your children for whatever reason, schedule a time when your spouse, a friend, or loved one can watch them for just a half an hour and find a peaceful place outside. Worst case scenario is you have to hide out in your closet. Whichever way works for you, take the time to do it. You and your family will reap the benefits for years to come.

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