Muscadine Facial Scrub


Purium’s Muscadine Facial Scrub™ gently removes dead cells with a unique combination of Muscadine grape seed & skin, blueberry skins and volcanic pumice, which naturally refine and rejuvenate your skin.


Product Description

Ingredients:  Deionized water, infusion of organic honey, aloe vera, grapefruit seed extract, coltsfoot, birch sap, horsetail, nettle, red clover, sage, peppermint, orange, yarrow, rosemary, anti-aging complex 14, cocamide betaine, volcanic pumice, pulverized muscadine grape seed, muscadine grape skin, blueberry skins, butyl glycol, vegetable glycerin, hec, ascorbyl glucosamine (vitamin C), DMAE, hyaluronic acid, xanthum gum, natural mixed tocopherols (vitamin E), calcium panthothenate, colloidal sulphur, witch hazel, wheat germ extract, retinyl palmitate (vitamin A), niacinamide, thiamine hci, colloidal minerals.


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