“Nature has granted to all to be happy, if we did but know how to use her benefits.”


I am proud to carry a line of products that are pure and full of natural healing properties. They have been with my family for years, helping us overcome many imbalances. I share them with you for your healing journey. Feel free to shop and see what you are drawn to. I am available if you have any questions. 

Zero Point Global

cover-225x300ZeroPoint Global has a line of technology, ranging from semi-precious pendants to water filtration systems, that contain blueprint frequencies that match a healthy body. The products reduce stress, increase mental clarity, enhance general well-being, and clear your natural Biofield. Other life-enhancing benefits offered: protection from EMFs and electronic devices (cell phones, TVs, computers), neutralizes environmental toxins and chemicals, encourages accelerated healing, reduces/relieves pain from headaches, back, stomach, muscles, and joints, and inspires dream activity and deeper sleep.


puriumPurium Health Products offer Organic, Kosher-certified, pure and premium products that were created based on the belief that God and Mother Nature provide everything we need to live a long life free of disease. They were also designed to help you achieve radiant beauty, vibrant health, maximum longevity, and eliminate excess weight. Purium Health Products are composed of synergistically combined super foods that nourish at the cellular level, activating your metabolism, and boosting your immune defense.

Forever Green

forever_greenForever Green offers doctor-formulated herbal pain relief strips, plus a beauty strip system and NOW, KETOPIA! Burn fat naturally in a state of ketosis with Ketopia.