Healing Touch

feedburnerHealing Touch is an energy-based therapy that utilizes light or near-body touch to promote healing for the mind, body, and spirit. Your energy system reflects disturbances in health before it manifests a symptom, therefore, working with the energy system directly helps you self-heal. You will wear comfortable clothing and either sit or lie (your preference) in a relaxed position for the duration of the therapy. You may experience reduced pain, anxiety, stress, and/or an improved sense of well-being.

An initial consultation usually takes about 1 and 1/2 hours and can be done at The Sol Oasis in Boynton Beach or at your home or office for a fee based on the distance.

Your personal investment is $150. Additional sessions are typically 1 hour, with an investment of $100.

Are you or someone you know having surgery soon? Healing Touch can help you relax, stabilize your heart rate and blood pressure, reduce side effects from anesthesia, and improve healing. Some surgeons, including Dr. Oz, allow a HT Practitioner in the surgical suite to improve outcomes. For the best outcome, schedule a session before the surgery, the day of, and 2 sessions following.

Surgical package includes 4 sessions for only $400.

Healing Touch Program: An Introduction to Healing Touch, Part 1 of 2

Happy Healthy Coaching

stress_reliefBased on your individual needs, I can provide healthy lifestyle plans for you to reach your personal goals.  I believe that the human body is more than just a physical body, and that is why I address you, the person, as a whole being, and not as a disease or condition.  There are emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects to healing that are often overlooked by conventional medicine.  I also believe that all healing is self-healing and I will be there to empower you to look and feel better, whether you desire stress management techniques, exercise consultation, or nutritional advice.

Your personal investment is $150 for the first consult, which usually takes about 1 and 1/2  hours. Consultation may be done in person or via skype.

**You can add a ZYTO biosurvey for a comprehensive consultation. Using a biocommunication device, we can “survey” your body and use it’s responses to develop an in-depth personalized plan. This appointment will take 2 hours with an investment of $250.

Additional consults are usually an hour and are an investment of $100.

Special Introductory Package includes 2 hours of educational consultation, a Pantry Purge, and a sample 3-day Lifestyle Improvement Plan for only $375.

Dr. Wayne Dyer & Dr. Bruce Lipton, Part 1

ear_candlingAncient Ear Candling

Enjoy a relaxing hour of ear candling by a trained professional. As energy balancing music plays lightly in the background and you can smell the pleasant aromas of pure essential oils, treat your ears to a bi-annual clearing to prevent excess build up and other uncomfortable conditions. Your personal investment is $100.

Super Foods for Super Kids

superfoodsTraining your child to eat healthy early on by avoiding processed foods and excess sweets is essential for optimal health and prevention of future dis-ease. One in three children are now overweight or obese in the United States. Food addictions and emotional eating are also on the rise due to the abundance of chemicals that are allowable in our foods. It is often difficult to know how to read all the labels at the store and know what is safe for your family to eat with the increase of deceptive marketing. I can help you build a healthy foundation for your child that will give them energy, improve their immunity and help them make better choices in the future.

The Ultimate Package consists of 4 consultations from their first foods until their toddler years: Your investment is $500 and it includes:

  • 6 months: Introduction to first foods and puree versus baby led weaning
  • 12 months: More teeth, more foods
  • 18 months: Healthy snacking
  • 24 months: Adding super foods and preparing for pre-school

You will also receive a shopping guide with your initial visit, along with a 3 day sample meal plan for each phase. Additional or individual consultations are based on $150 an hour. It is best to do the visits at your home, but I can also do them virtually. Travel fees will be added if outside a 25 mile radius from Delray Beach.

Stress Management Package

optimism2Stress is the #1 cause of disease and aging. Find out what your triggers are and how to handle them on a day to day basis. Learn breathing techniques and simple ways to relax so you can feel free of worry and stress. Your investment is $450 and it includes:

  • 4 Healing Touch Sessions
  • 4 Chakra Healing Meditation Classes
  • 1 Energy Balancing CD

Weight Management Package

optimism4Obesity leads to a number of costly illnesses and emotional imbalances, as many chemicals and additives in our food supply create addictions and in turn, weight gain. Your investment is $600 and it includes:

  • 1 Initial Evaluation
  • 1 Emotional Clearing
  • 3 Additional Health Coaching Sessions
  • 4 Meditation Classes

You will also receive a FREE shopping guide with your initial visit and can add a Pantry Purge, Guided Shopping Trip, and/or Free Your Frig for only $75 each.



mother_babyHealthy Mamas: Nutrition for the Mind and Body:
(Next one TBA)
 at The Red Tent in Delray Beach. Learn how to have a healthy stress-free pregnancy in this 2 hour ultimate prenatal guide to having a healthy environment inside and out. I will teach you how to balance your mind, body and spirit during your pregnancy and future motherhood. I will guide you into a meditation and teach relaxation techniques that you can do anywhere and at anytime. I will teach about healthy nutrition and what supplements are most beneficial. Your investment is $40. You must register at to reserve your space.