Spiritualists International Magazine

I have really enjoyed working with Spiritualists International Magazine and I wanted to share my work on here.

My first article was back in June 2014 about my shift into holistic nursing. https://www.lightbodytravelers.com/spiritualists-international-magazine.html?view=entry&id=3

The next one was about Healing From Mother Nature: https://www.lightbodytravelers.com/spiritualists-international-magazine/healing-from-mother-nature.html

Here is one honoring Valentine’s Day for Moms: http://www.lightbodytravelers.com/spiritualists-international-magazine.html?view=entry&id=39

This was a special video presentation with Will May and Dr. Joseph Kenneth: http://www.lightbodytravelers.com/spiritualists-international-magazine/looking-at-modern-health-like-never-before.html or you can watch it on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F775qvY7IoA

My latest about success: http://www.lightbodytravelers.com/spiritualists-international-magazine/the-recipe-for-success.html

Thank you for your support! I absolutely LOVE doing what I do and could not do it without my clients, friends and family.

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