Amber necklaces

“Thank you for all your help. He’s doing so much better. Just wrapped the (amber) necklace around his ankle, he’s asleep in his swing.”

Grandmother of a teething 5 month old baby


“I love your meditation and your aura and everything you are doing. You are lovely and very high-energy. Keep doing what you are doing.”

Physician at Wellness Center, November 2015

Wellness Coaching

“Velvet is great. We are happy with everything she showed us. She already fixed my stomach!!! I needed some probiotics and she told me that and the right brand to get. I haven’t had a happy stomach since 2005! That alone was worth it.”

Happy Healthy Coaching Client, July 2015

Healing Touch

“I just wanted to let you know how good I felt the next day after your session. I feel clear-minded and my back is nice and relaxed, no longer stiff at all. I’ve got to tell you, I don’t exactly know what it is you do, but it really made me feel better.”

Healing Touch Client experiencing chronic pain from cancer

Distant Healing

“Thank you so much for helping me. What you do is actually doing more for me than years in therapy. I’m gradually getting better mentally every day. I’m recognizing that my memory is doing incredibly better. I just, to me, seem to be more “with it.” So, whatever you did is helping…Now, I stretch my left arm over my head twice a day! It is no longer bent by my side when I walk and it’s become incredibly looser. Not clenched, like it was.”

Healing Touch Distant Client who suffered a traumatic brain injury 10 years ago


“Thanks for everything on my journey, you have definitely been a great help! Miss seeing you. I know a Tuesday (night meditation class) is going to work out soon!”

Breast Cancer Survivor, November 2015

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“I have a very close friend who had a virus this spring which damaged her heart. She lives in Denmark. I have been working with her on face time to do small 10 to 30 minutes functional movement exercises. Recently, at her request, I am doing a 20 minute chakra meditation because she has a lot of anxiety about her heart failure. My husband listened to me guiding them through my version of your meditation. I am happy for all your suggestions. I am finding that guiding my friend is helping me grow in my practice.”

Meditation Student, September 2015

Wellness Coaching

“I feel lighter and I fit into smaller clothes (was a Large, now a Medium). Thanks for holding my hand through this time.”

Happy Healthy Coaching Client, 2 month program

Healing Touch

“The experience was amazing. I have been able to wake up every day with a clear mind, whereas before I felt like my mind was going around in circles. My mind was so cluttered that even though I felt like I had great ideas, those ideas were never executed.

Healing Touch has helped me tremendously with my everyday tasks. I have learned to sit in a quiet place and simply observe nature without having a million thoughts going through. Sometimes I can sit for 7 to 8 minutes and my goal is to able to do it for 10 minutes.

Healing Touch is also very relaxing. It almost felt like I was floating on a cloud. As soon as the session is over, there was a feeling of peace and tranquility. I will definitely use Velvet again and I recommend it to everyone.”

Healing Touch Client experiencing stress and anxiety

Healing Touch

“I noticed my shoulders feeling looser. I no longer have as much pain in my neck, shoulders, and low back when I’m just sitting. My jaw feels a little better, too, with not as much tension. I feel more aware and my moods are better. It’s like the “reset” button was pressed.”

Healing Touch Client with pain and anxiety

Healing Touch

“I feel more relaxed, calm, and my pain is relieved. I feel more spiritually connected than I ever was before starting this therapy.”

Healing Touch Client who is wheel-chair bound

Healing Touch

"Velvet is one of the most outstanding energy healers I've used. Her session work helped me out so much while I was going through a difficult health challenge last year. I always feel so peaceful and grounded after a Healing Touch session. Velvet's passion for helping people feel their best shines through in all areas of her work."