The Velvet Lotus in Boynton BeachThe Velvet Lotus in Boynton BeachThe Velvet Lotus in Boynton BeachThe Velvet Lotus in Boynton Beach

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Energy Healing

energy healing
healing touch
stress relief
pain relief
natural healing
hands on healing

Healing Touch is an energy-based therapy that utilizes light or near-body touch to promote healing for the mind, body, and spirit. Your energy system reflects disturbances in health before it manifests a symptom, therefore, working with the energy system directly helps you self-heal. You will wear comfortable clothing and either sit or lie (your preference) in a relaxed position for the duration of the therapy. You may experience reduced pain, anxiety, stress, and/or an improved sense of well-being.

An initial consultation usually takes about 1 and 1/2 hours and can be done at The Sol Oasis in Boynton Beach or at your home or office for a fee based on the distance.

Your personal investment is $150. Additional sessions are typically 1 hour, with an investment of $100.

Are you or someone you know having surgery soon? Healing Touch can help you relax, stabilize your heart rate and blood pressure, reduce side effects from anesthesia, and improve healing. Some surgeons, including Dr. Oz, allow a HT Practitioner in the surgical suite to improve outcomes. For the best outcome, schedule a session before the surgery, the day of, and 2 sessions following.

Surgical package includes 4 sessions for only $400.

Healing therapy in Boynton Beach

Wellness Support

healthy living
conscious living
whole food health
mind body balance
natural healing

Based on your individual needs, I can provide healthy lifestyle plans for you to reach your personal goals.  I believe that the human body is more than just a physical body, and that is why I address you, the person, as a whole being, and not as a disease or condition.  There are emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects to healing that are often overlooked by conventional medicine.  I also believe that all healing is self-healing and I will be there to empower you to look and feel better, whether you desire stress management techniques, exercise consultation, or nutritional advice.

Your personal investment is $150 for the first consult, which usually takes about 1 and 1/2  hours. Consultation may be done in person or via skype.

**You can add a ZYTO biosurvey for a comprehensive consultation. Using a biocommunication device, we can “survey” your body and use it’s responses to develop an in-depth personalized plan. This appointment will take 2 hours with an investment of $300.

Additional consults are usually an hour and are an investment of $100.

Special Introductory Package includes 2 hours of educational consultation, a Pantry Purge, and a sample 3-day Lifestyle Improvement Plan for only $375.

The Velvet Lotus in Boynton Beach

Ancient Ear Coning

ear coning
ear candling
ear candle

Enjoy a relaxing hour of ear candling by a trained professional. As energy balancing music plays lightly in the background and you can smell the pleasant aromas of pure essential oils, treat your ears to a bi-annual clearing to prevent excess build up and other uncomfortable conditions. Your personal investment is $100.

Ear Candling in Boynton Beach


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